Multi Family Construction Design and Planning

Accurate construction blueprints are essential for multifamily construction projects due to several critical reasons. First, they ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations. These detailed documents include floor plans, electrical layouts, plumbing design, and other specifications that must adhere to code standards. Non-compliance could result in hefty fines, project delays, or even a halt in construction entirely. Second, precise blueprints provide a clear roadmap for scheduling, resource allocation, and budgeting, enhancing overall project efficiency. Finally, by examining dimensions and details in blueprints, construction professionals can avoid rework, prevent errors, and maintain project progress as expected.  Trust us to provide the accurate blueprints for a seamless multifamily construction project experience.

Apartment and Multi-Unit Planning and Design Services

When planning the construction for an apartment or multi-unit project, many investors and developers who purchase a lot for construction face complex issues with zoning, setbacks, number of unit stipulations, allowable building height, and other factors. Not paying attention to some of these details can cause major delays in the building permit approval process as well as a significant increase in drafting and architectural costs.

Complete Package Drafting has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of apartment and multi-unit construction planning, drafting, and permitting in California. Our expertise ensures that all required research is completed prior to the drafting process to prevent unnecessary expenses by having an inexperienced design fierm needing to constantly revise and edit your plans based on newly found issues with the construction of your project.

New Apartment Construction

Transit Oriented Community and Affordable Housing Incentives

While many Multifamily Design Firms in California don’t consider knowledge in Affordable Housing, Senior Housing, or Low Income Housing their “specialty”, it is very important to work with a design firm that is informed and well-versed in these construction types.

Complete Package Drafting has a robust background in planning and designing affordable housing and is able to present you with multiple options to meet the requirements for the highest exemptions and incentives for your project. If your project involves any type of Affordable Housing applications, make sure you contact us, our expertise in affordable housing regulations, requirements, incentives, and application processes are matched only by our superb architectural design services.

Our Design Firm is extremely familiar with all state, city, and even neighborhood building regulations required to get your building permits approved swiftly. Complete Package Drafting is consistently staying up to date with new laws and restrictions that regulate apartment and multi-unit construction projects in the area. Missing specic guidelines required for construction in Local Historic Districts (HPOZ), Community Plan Implementation Overlay Districts (CPIO), and other districts could require you to completely rework building plans, causing further delays in the permit process and higher design and drafting costs. Contact Complete Package Drafting for expert drafting, planning, and permitting services for your Apartment or Multi-Unit construction project today. In addition to a beautifully executed pre-construction process, our services include plan drawings, blueprints, MEP design, CAD designs, and 3D Renderings all under one roof.

Experienced Multi Family/Commercial Drafting

Complete Package Drafting makes the design and approval process easy and straightforward, so you get
the plans and approvals you need to transform your home, business, or multi-family property. Our team provides you one set of drawings to streamline the approval process, all while making sure they’re compliant with the latest building codes.

No matter the size of your commercial facilities or the scope of work you’re planning, Complete Package Drafting is ready to tackle the initial drafting, so everything can progress according to a cohesive plan.

Complete Package Drafting is committed to getting the job Completed in an affordable, timely manner!

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